Lexi Montgomery founded Darling Miami LLC alongside her husband Brad, in 2017.

As a former actress, she’s worked behind the scenes for some of the most successful brands in the West. Spending many hours on Hollywood sets for companies like McDonald’s, Chevy, VW, Nutri Ninja, and Title Max – she learned how emotions & seductive branding tactics are used to influence consumers.

Today, coupled with Brad’s computer science degree & digital marketing experience with companies like VaporFi & Boeing,

Lexi serves as the creative director for Darling: a web design & marketing agency based in Miami Beach.

Together, they create hands-off marketing solutions for physicians & senior professionals. They’ve sold millions of dollars in products & services, and enjoy traveling, and researching various topics in history & science in their free time.

Our remote team that has a thorough understanding of the digital space requiring only trust & a vision you’d like brought to life. Do you have a practice or side-venture you’d like to scale, but lack the time time to devote to it? Contact us for a free analysis: staff@darlingwebdesign.com

A note from Lexi,

I love marketing because it encourages us, as entrepreneurs, to rethink our own values as 1st world consumers. It serves as a great reminder that we’re all animals, and we’re all susceptible to seduction. Over the last few years, I’ve failed 10x more than I’ve succeeded. But I guess that’s the journey of an entrepreneur. As Albert Einstein says, “You never fail until you stop trying.” That’s what I’ve tried to live by. Today, I feel like I have the coolest job in the world – I get to bring dreams to life.

In 2013, I earned a degree in International Business. After working as an event planner for several months, I started a food blog & wrote a cookbook on Amazon. I kind of fell into tech by marrying Brad, who is now a tech entrepreneur. Blogging became my passion at home, as well as web design & critiquing brand aesthetics and angles.

After struggling as an actress for several years, we relocated to Miami where I took a sales contract for a plastic surgeon. I was able to sell nearly $1 million in Brazilian Butt Lifts on that contract, and Brad encouraged me to open Darling. I had no clue how to operate a business, but wanted to combine my sales & marketing abilities with my husband’s SEO knowledge (he had been working for himself for a few years already) – so I opened Darling.

Darling started with me going door to door around Miami Beach and giving away free websites to older local business owners. When I started getting clients, I attended an event where I was told that I should become an escort instead of working in tech. In our first year, my father died and I faced a lot of adversity but just continued to make efforts toward growing the agency. Very grateful to be where I am today. Would I do it again? Probably not lol. But I’m very proud of what we’ve overcome and look forward to my future with the company.

I love Darling because it allows me to merge creativity with practicality. Most tech companies seem to be missing the mark in this male-dominated, analytically focused industry. Sometimes you have to look beyond what’s already been done to make progress. The internet is a lot like the Wild West in that there is still so much uncharted territory. I like that my husband and I can work together to bring logic (masculine) and creativity (feminine) to every project.