How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics is a popular tool used to rip through large amounts of user data very quickly. Google has created this tool to help businesses make informed decisions. Or so they say…

On Page SEO Best Practices

Search engines are like robots, they can't think. It's important to make your website crawlable, otherwise, you're going to have a lower conversion rate.

Build A Blog

Building a blog is NOT about the aesthetics. I spent so much time designing my blog and forgot to write content which is what shows up in search.

Types of Black Website Designs

There are various types of black website designs. Performance depends on your industry and your goals (is it for email capture, brand awareness, or sales?)

What is a bespoke website?

A bespoke website may be the solution for getting more customers. This hands-off approach involves really focusing on the customer, and what they want.

SEO Starter Pack

The purpose of an SEO starter pack is to essentially give you the game plan for what a marketer would do to your website if they took you on as a client.

SEO Blueprint

An SEO Blueprint is a guide to marketing to the perfect customer for pennies on the dollar. SEO is not as much of a technical skill as it is time-consuming.

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