Why, Darling?

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We offer efficient & affordable, full-service web development. Our clients built their businesses with love, sweat, and tears. We do our best to incorporate that energy into each website to truly represent your journey as an entrepreneur.

Not only are we cute, but our expert team is skilled in SEO, sales, marketing, branding, copywriting, import/export, e-commerce, and social media (inquire if you need assistance with those as well ;-). Don’t let looks fool you, we know what we’re doing. We know that a house isn’t a home without a woman’s love. A party without girls is a sausage fest. Let’s be honest, everything is better with a feminine touch. We’re like poison dart frogs, cute and friendly but cold-blooded at the same time.

We Know What Works Because it Made Us Money

Every company seems to brand themselves as different. What a cliche way to capture people’s attention. Especially in an age where “different” is like a red flag that I’m about to list a ton of facts and big numbers trying to convince you to buy something. As consumers, we tend to get overwhelmed with all the nuances and features offered through digital platforms.

Companies overpromise and under-deliver on a regular basis. We’re always buying things that are marketed specifically toward our likes and dislikes, but not necessarily what we NEED. If we knew how to grow our business we wouldn’t be searching for ways to grow our business. Thus, we’re being misinformed and misdirected.

At Darling, we know what works because we’ve grown several businesses with our techniques.

96% (or more) of what web designers & developers do is the same as most of their competitors.  The main difference between us and other options is that we have a passion for consumer psychology & branding. We focus our entire method around creating a stronger bond/attachment between prospects and your brand. That results in a more hands-off approach to customer acquisition.

Our Story

Like many companies, Darling was founded by a single entrepreneur through trial and error. A struggling 24-year old wife landed in Miami after spending her entire savings in Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actress. She had many successes but nothing consistent enough to keep her afloat. Her husband was also an entrepreneur who battled between sacrificing for his young family and taking massive risks that could propel him forward. This forced the two of them to be as resourceful as possible.

Lexi (our founder) started several unsuccessful companies prior to Darling, 7 to be exact. But she had a fire that burned deep inside. She was unwilling to compromise her beliefs or postpone her grandiose vision for an extraordinary life.

The young couple and their two dogs moved from Los Angeles to Miami Beach with whatever they could fit in their two-door Honda Civic Coupe and 1 box of clothing.
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