In the first week, we’ll explain how to find relevant blogs that may be open to collaborating on content in your industry. Then we’ll share our blog outreach template and also fill you in on what not to do when approaching websites about linking back to your site.


  • Finding niche sites in Google
  • Test Outreach
  • Email Templates
  • Setup GSuite
  • Bonus: WHAT NOT TO DO

In the second week, we’ll explain how to do keyword research and publish quality content to your website. We’ll also share how to find relevant sites in your industry that may link to your site under non-specific keywords.


  • Writing quality content
  • Keyword research

In the third week, we’ll explain how to outsource content for your website and draft email followups.


  • Outsourced Blog Writing
  • Email follow-ups

In the fourth week, we’ll explain how to used outsourced content, find reporters, and how to find synonymous keywords for blog linking-strategy research.


  • Outsourced Blog Writing & Finding Reporters
  • Finding synonymous keywords

In the fifth week, we’ll explain how to leverage controversy for greater reach and interaction on social media.


  • Leveraging controversy
  • Linked In & AWeber
  • Bonus: Youtube Interview series

In the sixth week, we’ll explain how to leverage controversy for greater reach and interaction on social media. We’ll also explain our sales model, and how to sell a fantasy that will nearly automate your sales process.


  • Selling A Fantasy: getting into your customer’s mind
  • Link Exchange & Collaborating
  • Q&A


Every company seems to brand themselves as “different.”

However, the strategies and tactics applied in digital marketing are universal, and any business can apply them.

We realize there is a ton of information out there, offering various strategies and approaches to digital marketing. After taking many of these courses without any tangible results, we’ve developed our own unique recipe that is shared in this course. With this course, we’re cutting to the chase and our goal is to make your business self-sufficient when it comes to basic digital marketing.

We Know This Works Because it Makes Us Money

At Darling, we know what works because we’ve grown several businesses with the exact techniques shared in this course.

96% (or more) of what web designers & marketers do is the same as most of their competitors.  The main difference with our company is that we have a passion for consumer psychology & branding. We don’t make efforts to conceal information, we don’t overcharge, and we focus our strategy on creating a stronger bond/attachment between you and your customers. This results in a hands-off approach to customer acquisition.


The Darling Company is a website design, and marketing agency based in Miami.

Founded by high school sweethearts Brad & Alexis Montgomery, the company is a small marketing agency that focuses on making your digital business a reliable source of income. Spending thousands of hours on Hollywood sets for companies like McDonald’s, Chevy, VW, Nutri Ninja, and Title Max taught Lexi how emotions & seductive branding tactics are used to influence consumer purchasing. Merged with Brad’s understanding of computer science & experience with companies like VaporFi & Boeing – the couple has taken a new approach to digital marketing.

Together, they’ve managed to create hands-off marketing solutions for physicians & senior professionals.

Seen in media publications like the Huffington Post, Associated Press, Eco Salon, Voyage Miami Magazine, and many other news outlets – they’ve made marketing small businesses transparent and achievable on any budget.

The two have sold millions of dollars in products & services, travel frequently, and have a remote team with a thorough understanding of the digital space – requiring only trust & a vision you’d like brought to life.

Have you been burned by a marketing agency in the past? Do you have a practice or side-venture you’d like to scale, but lack the time or resources to meet your full potential? This course will get you tangible skills to digitally grow your business, no holds barred.

  • Physicians in Private Practice (especially those with limited time & resources)
  • Attorneys
  • Small Business Owners
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Bloggers

Please see our reviews page to read client testimonials discussing our work, and expertise.

In your introductory package, there is a document containing a budget spreadsheet. We use the same spreadsheet internally to track our expenses with this strategy. One column in the spreadsheet explains how much you would spend on these services if you were paying a marketing agency, the other tracks your expenses in relation. You will see your efforts compounding over the course of several months. You should see a full return on your investment (via link/assets) within 6 months.

Google’s algorithm takes approx. 6-12 months to review and rank new content, and to register links you’ve acquired from other websites. We expect you to see a return on your investment in the form of links and assets within 6 months.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds or guarantees. This digital product is delivered via information and dedicated time. We cannot get our time & effort back, so we aren’t able to refund your money.

However, this is the exact strategy we within our agency today. The information is valuable, proprietary, and when applied correctly it will work. If you are unhappy with our services at any point, or if you have any issues applying the information – please reach out to us here and we will be in touch asap to remedy the situation.


  • Resources and materials to implement our blog outreach strategy.

  • Proprietary tips, strategies, and critiques real-time.

  • Routine Check-ins: After the course we will follow up with you to are how things are going and further advise on any issues we notice or relevant questions that arise.

  • This is a 6-week course with a financial commitment of $3,000 total.

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Patrick Fairclough
“Very professional and prompt. Darling Web Design also addressed all my concerns and needs. Lexi your the best. Will recommend to anyone.” – CEO of GateKeepers Security Group LLC

Michael Fralin
“People really like your WORK!” – Partner at Couzens Hall Advisors – Real Estate Transactions Attorney NYC
Serge Massat
“Lexi is working on my new website. Smart, knowledgeable, you don’t have to explain 10 times the same thing to get the job done. You have not even finished to express what you intend to do that she gets it and comes with a solution and believe me, not a plain vanilla solution but always something out of the ordinary, ” – President of Massat Consulting Group
Eddie Chacon
“Ms. Montgomery definitely has good intuition on how to help her clients.” – P.I. Investigator
Raul Necuze
“As the office manager of a plastic surgery center, I can’t think of anyone I would trust more than Lexi Montgomery to help your business. In the few brief months I have known Lexi, she helped us grow and scale super fast. She got us 230 new patients in about 2 months. Lexi did marketing, and also created strategies for our team to be more productive. She is also genuine and easy to work with.” – Office Manager of Miami Plastic Surgery Center
DeAnna Maxwell
“Lexi you are truly gifted and have the ability to bring “visions” from a persons brain to life.” – Owner of Unto Him Day Spa
Jacob De Monte Finn
“Lexi has such a complete understanding of web design. She goes far beyond just making beautiful websites (which she does); she also knows how to make a website effective: how to direct web traffic to your site, and how to direct your visitors to the exact page you’d like. She’s also a joy to work with, with a great ability to quickly understand businesses’ needs.” – CEO at Stitch It App