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The Perfect Solution

Scale Your Business Hands-off with Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is the discrete, subliminal side of marketing, that allows us to influence the subconscious mind of consumers. It combines neuropsychology with digital marketing to explore the passive state where decisions are made.

Your customer’s beliefs and perceptions stem from past experiences and associations with similar products and services. Thus, free will doesn’t exist when it comes to consumption. Our goal is to incorporate enough cognitive triggers that the prospective customer is sold before making direct contact with you.

Step #1

Redesign your website & optimize for conversion with cognitive triggers.

Step #2

Get people talking about you, and rank for “buying” keywords to attract better qualified leads.

Step #3

Scale efforts, target new keywords and achieve 3-10x ROI.

Our Work

Darling is a web design & neuromarketing agency that specializes in consumer seduction. We use subliminal triggers to help business owners save time and money while growing their business. We’ll help you meet ideal clients where they are, and get them to buy from you, hands-off.


We study the intimate dynamics of human interaction. In our work, we’ll present users with various options, testing and tweaking our approach until we’ve optimized conversion through your website. We’ll also use a proprietary Keyword Sniping strategy that allows your business to rank for keywords and phrases your competition has yet to discover.


Aesthetics are important. Visual triggers have the primacy effect – the first (and greatest) impact on the user experience. Whether you need a more memorable web presence, or unique angle consumers will appreciate – all roads lead back to design. Most users never scroll past the home banner, so your website needs to make a memorable impression.


Our neuromarketing strategies are designed to escalate conversion. We help qualified customers find you, trust you, and buy from you by implementing subconscious triggers into your website. We give qualified consumers what they desire most, and help you avoid consumers who don’t want/need a product or service. This saves our clients time & money with online marketing.

We acquired 230 new patients ($806,000 in sales) for a plastic surgeon in Miami from Feb-April 2017. We also created a system for the sales team to scale & increase productivity, employee engagement, and patient compliance. This was achieved with a mixture of digital marketing strategies. Notes: We did not redesign their website. They already had a strong website so if you’re just getting started, we’ll need to build a conversion-oriented web presence before this kind of marketing can be done. This usually takes 9-12 months.

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Our work combines neuropsychology with digital marketing, in an effort to attract & convert more customers, faster. If you compare the process to dating, our job is to make you more attractive than all other options on the market. The best approach in dating is NO approach at all, but allowing the target to approach you. Then you don’t want to go for a name or a phone number right away, but spark curiosity and get them interested in what you have to offer. Neuromarketing works the same way.

Neuromarketing vs. Marketing2019-03-22T21:31:27+00:00

Most marketing involves some degree of neuromarketing and places users on a trajectory to rationalize and purchase from a specific vendor. We dive deep into Neuromarketing (the discrete, subliminal side of marketing) and explore the passive state where your customer’s perception of your product or service is shaped.


What specific services do you offer?2019-03-22T21:33:18+00:00

Each package includes a website re-design & some degree of digital marketing (SEO) based on your niche, competition, locale, and budget. Recommendations & pricing are based on the unique needs of each business.


In order for us to scale your business, you will need:

  • An active & healthy business, 
  • A steady flow of leads and customers,
  • AND a good product & reputation.
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We’re unique because:

1) We value loyalty & long-term relationships more than anything. Our founders are high school sweethearts that have been together for more than 11 years.
2) We offer month-to-month contracts.
3) We share case studies, testimonials, and press.
4) We prioritize communication with customers & ROI.
5) We actually answer the phone, and will not work with you if we can’t scale your business within your budget.
6) We merge aethetics & creativity with practicality, psychology, and a digital growth strategy that has never failed.

“…she helped us grow and scale super fast. She got us 230 new patients in about 2 months.”

Raul Necuze, Office Manager of Miami Plastic Surgery Center (Miami)

“Lexi you are truly gifted and have the ability to bring “visions” from a persons brain to life.”

DeAnna Maxwell, Owner of Unto Him Day Spa (Ohio)

“”…you clearly don’t sleep having answered my outburst at 1pm UK time when you’re in Florida – tick on the box for that! Secondly, you have a sense of humour another tick int he box.”

Mark Rothwell Brooks, Partner at TheCyberSecurity.Team (London)

“Very professional and prompt. Darling Web Design also addressed all my concerns and needs. Lexi your the best. Will recommend to anyone.”

Patrick Fairclough, CEO of GateKeepers Security Group LLC (Miami)

“Smart, knowledgeable, you don’t have to explain 10 times the same thing to get the job done.”

Serge Massat, President of Massat Consulting Group (Paris)

“…a joy to work with, with a great ability to quickly understand businesses’ needs.”

Jacob De Monte Finn, CEO of Stitch It App (Los Angeles)

“People really like your WORK!”

Michael Fralin, Attorney at Couzens Hall Advisors (NYC)

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