Well, I offered to build him a website...

All jokes aside, I’m about to share the IMPORTANCE of maintaining a profitable web presence. (This article is a cautionary tale for any business owner who wants to stay in business)

Vemar Market has been a local favorite since in 1996. They’re known for their delicious Cuban coffee, friendly staff, and 3-star convenience store vibe (very 1980s Castro-esque).

“[Castro]’s the single most hated person by hundreds of thousands of people here, and yet he’s the reason they’re here; he’s the reason they helped shape this place [referring to Miami Beach].”

To be in business for so long is RARE here in South Beach.

With inflated rent prices, cheap eats, an abundance of tacky souvenir shops, and total dependence on foot-traffic – it’s a sort of American paradise and “2nd-world country” all-in-one.


This is Vemar market now…

4 locally-owned, family-owned businesses were completely destroyed in a fire earlier this week.

Investigators are still figuring out the cause of the fire – though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an infrastructure issue. Miami beach desperately needs to be updated and renovated.

When I learned of the fire, I was saddened because no business owner should have to go through what these businesses are going through right now.

I remember when I opened Darling I offered to build him a website…

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