In Q1 of 2017, we sold almost $1 million in Brazilian Butt Lifts with our branding & marketing strategies. We attracted 270 new patients to a practice in Miami between February and April. 

The patients ranged from Breast Augmentation candidates to Mommy Makeover & Extended Tummy Tuck procedures. Overall, the clinic attracted about 200 additional patients, but our unique efforts were responsible for $806,000 in sales in 72 days.

So how did we do this?

Sure, this sounds appealing, but it wasn’t easy. We spent a ton of time in 2017 researching and developing a formula that it can be replicated for a larger sample size. By 2019, we plan to expand our offices to Bangkok, and then Amsterdam.

Getting Recognition in Google

To have an effective presence in the digital “plastic surgery” niche, it’s important to:

1) HIRE A TEAM that has a holistic understanding of the psychology of a plastic surgery candidate. They must know Western beauty standards, financial implications, modern medicine do’s and don’ts, common faux pas that may affect the judgment of prospective clients, etc

I’ve been approached several times by doctors in San Francisco, Chicago, Ohio, and even London & Germany about achieving these results.

However, most were not good candidates because they’d already paid someone for bad SEO. By “bad” SEO I mean ineffective, overpriced, outsourced SEO efforts that garner mediocre results.

In this case, my team would have to spend several months undoing the “bad SEO” and then doing additional fixes before implementing our formula.
It would be a better option to purchase a new website, redirect the old site, and start fresh.
So we just can’t help those clients.

2) RESEARCH & DEVELOP your unique selling proposition. Plastic surgery is a huge industry, with even larger future potential. In 5 years or so, women will need a lot more cosmetic surgery because wearing too much makeup & gaining too much weight to get “thick” will have major implications over time. 

This part of the market hasn’t been captured.

The Future of Plastic Surgery

Right now cosmetic surgery is 80% entertainment & vanity, 20% necessity. In the next 5 to 10 years, we predict that there will be much more of a need for cosmetic procedures, and vast acceptance of this industry as a medical solution rather than taboo.

Plastic surgery websites should toy with a prospect’s self-esteem, competitive nature, self-confidence, and insecurities. That’s the cold, hard truth.

This is capitalism and we have to remove our own emotions, judgments, and beliefs out of the equation. Selling plastic surgery is about selling the women (or men) what they want. Sell them on their dream body, lifestyle, and relationship without guilt.

Your competitors aren’t as skilled or qualified, and they’re selling these vulnerable women much harder so it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to grow your brand.

In plastic surgery web design, it’s important to remove personal attachments from your positioning, your marketing, and ultimately – your entire brand online & in person.

Your achievements are only relevant if they’re making you rich, or enriching the lives of your prospects. Your insecurities are only relevant if they’re making you rich, or enriching the lives of your prospects. YOU are only relevant if they’re making you rich, or enriching the lives of your prospects.

Purpose Over Guilt

As a cosmetic surgeon, you have a very important responsibility to society.

First, it’s important to get in front of prospects and maintain their attention. There’s no room for walking on eggshells with these girls. Remember that THEY NEED YOU. You’re helping them. 

The product you sell is priceless because it will transform their self-esteem and quality of life immediately. It’s invaluable.
Deep inside, they know it and you know it.

You will become like Dr.Miami when you realize exactly how significant your role is in these girl’s lives, the lives of their families, and peers.

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