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Get updates on cyber security, marketing, branding, and new technology from the mind of serial marketers.

Why We Blog

There are so many benefits to marketing and branding. Not only will it make you more money, it’ll improve customer service, effective communication with those you can impact most, and improving your overall reputation.

Learning more about how your customers think and what they want will help you to deliver what they need in a productive and thoughtful manner. This blog is devoted to bridging the gap between producers and consumers.

Build A Blog

Building a blog is NOT about the aesthetics. I spent so much time designing my blog and forgot to write content which is what shows up in search.

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Our Best Advice

Learn to love reading. There’s nothing that can replace life experience. However, reading comes close. You can learn a lot from the failures and successes of others.

Be patient. You might read something here that you decide to apply to your business immediately, great. Just be patient and allow the results to blossom over time.

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