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SEO Scams & the 5 Best SEO Tools

SEO is one of the scummiest industries on the planet. It’s a lawless industry and debatably ethical depending on the techniques and resources used. Finding a good SEO marketer is like finding a good mechanic. Possible, but takes some acuity for digital marketing and an extreme amount of patience.

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Age Isn’t Everything, But It Sure Helps

Just like in life, age = reputation, refined skills, and brand awareness. If you sell a service in one area for 2 weeks, it’s going to be difficult for you. If you’ve been selling your product or service for years, you’ll get a ton of referrals and organic reviews.

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Plastic Surgery SEO

Using photos of beautiful women is effective. Everyone does it. Dentists, chiropractors, nail salons, and even fast food restaurants. However, it’s more effective to use real before and after photos in plastic surgery marketing. When your prospect sees something that they feel is “achievable.”

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Affordable Web Design for Small Business

Website builder services and freelancers tend to come with delays, excuses, technical issues, and copyright slip-ups – something you would never deal with if you buy an expensive website. To get the best of both worlds I recommend working with an agency that accommodates small businesses with web design services.

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Plastic Surgery SEO, Marketing, and Web Design

Unlike orthopedics or neurosurgery, cosmetic surgery involves selling a dream or vision rather than an end result. In orthopedics, you’re selling an end result. It’s pretty straight-forward, “body part X doesn’t work, and the surgeon is going to get it working again.”

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Our Best Advice for Effective Reading

Learn to love reading. There’s nothing that can replace life experience. However, reading comes close. You can learn a lot from the failures and successes of others. Some of the wealthiest people in the world read an average of 50 books per year. In the “age of the guru” it’s important to remember that success leaves clues. Most of our articles come from content we’ve read in books on psychology and the cognitive associative process.

Be patient. You might read something here that you decide to apply to your business immediately, great. Just be patient and allow the results to blossom over time. Impatience is the enemy of success. We want to encourage you to be as patient as possible because success actually accumulates rather quickly in hindsight.

Become aware. Sign up for our monthly emails to get updates, tips, and tricks on growing and reinforcing your brand across the web. You may read something on here that doesn’t make sense, or seems contradictory at first glance. We want to encourage you to keep reading, and to sharpen your acuity for cognitive biases. there are layers to the seductive process in marketing – and those layers are not always apparent.

Why We Blog

There are so many benefits to marketing and branding your business properly and intentionally in the early stages. Unfortunately most of our clients have been around 20+ years and their businesses require rebranding.

We blog because even if you cannot afford our services or we determine that your business is not a good fit for our services – you can still benefit from our recommendations.

We want to be authentic and straight forward with you, and if we can’t work with your business, we’ll tell you straight. However, ANY business can achieve massive success with the right product & marketing.

By reading our content, you’ll make more money, improve customer service, improve communication with your prospects, reach more targeted prospects, leave them seduced and wanting more, and improve your overall reputation in person and online.

Learning more about how your customers think and what they want will help you to deliver what they need on a more consistent basis. In a productive and thoughtful manner, you’ll slowly become more appealing to the right audience and repel those who aren’t qualified to work with you. Over time proper branding can really make a difference in how efficiently your business runs. This blog is devoted to bridging the gap between producers and consumers.