3 Things Being A Drama Queen
Taught Me About Failure

For most of my life, I gauged my success by the amount of approval I received from others. I grew up in theater where everything is overly dramatic and all about the aesthetics. I learned to entertain and look pretty as a way of keeping the people around me happy. At age 22, I moved across the country. That’s when my drama queen era ended abruptly.

I move away from everyone I knew and everything familiar. I sold everything I owned, and packed up a 2-door Honda civic with my hubby and pups. We drove for 40 hours and landed in the outskirts of LA.

With no family for a couple thousand miles, we scoured for an apartment and had the roughest couple of years of our lives. Then at 24, I did it again and moved to Miami. There is an ancient proverb that says we must learn to be wise like the snake and shed our skin over and over again. I wasn’t sure why I was doing this “shedding,” but each time I just felt lighter.

Shortly after moving to LA, I was surrounded by extremely beautiful and insanely talented people. I had to embrace failure and care less about the opinions of others. Accepting my failure was the only way to be successful.

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