3 Reasons Why You Should Never Give People Things They Didn’t Earn...

I Was Given A Great Gift

I started blogging some years back. It was a small food blog that I grew organically while living in my mother-in-law’s basement. I was a horrible cook, but I was determined to get better so day after day I tried new recipes and blogged about them. The blow caught on fairly quickly and I was getting 1,000 likes on Instagram (back in 2013) and being contacted about partnerships.

Eventually, I was contacted by a cooking show in Los Angeles. This was a big deal for a small town girl from Missouri. I made it through about 5 rounds of auditioning and was cut during the final round. Likely because I made chicken-fried Foie Gras with tostones and blackberry dressing. (wtf!)

After that, I was contacted by a talent manager out in Los Angeles that wanted to produce my own cooking show. This was a huge opportunity. Though I had no money and no family support, I was determined to make this happen. * Note: I was also raised in theater and I’d learned to seek approval from others as confirmation I was on a path that would lead to success.

My new hubby (also my high school sweetheart) was on his own journey. He had just started an importing company and quit his corporate day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. He wanted to move to Miami Beach, and I wanted to move to Los Angeles.

At the time I wasn’t really a reader and had an Achilles heel that would blow up in my face over the next 2 years. After several tough conversations, my hubby agreed to move to LA  – on the condition that I’d pay for LA while he grew his business…

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